To most consumers, supplies can simply mean “ink & toner” but it goes well beyond this simple description to include other consumables such as Maintenance Kits, Fuser Assemblies and Transfer Kits. Added to this, there is a distinction between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and, Re-Manufactured for all of these products. A brief description of the PROS & CONS of these follows:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) :


Through our more than 25 years of experience, and although we are committed to delivering both OEM and Re-Manufactured,  BC Laser has always held the belief that the Re-Manufactured solution provided the best value option for the customer. 

For more information on our offering of Re-Manufactured Toner cartridges, please click the link below for our manufacturing partner TONERTECH as they supply all of our re-manufactured product.
For special BC Laser pricing on all Re-Man product, please quote this code -  BCLASER0913

If you are ordering OEM supplies, these can be purchased through BC Laser @ 604.912.0123